The 5 elements of effective field service, properly informed client, quick reaction, professionally prepared field engineer, minimum formalities, continuous improvement of service quality.

Do you want your company to be recommended by the clients? Learn the 5 elements of effective field service!

Effectively realized service visit is not enough for the client to indicate your company as the best one. Just as important is the feeling of satisfaction derived from the manner in which the service was realized. A service that realizes those two requirements will ensure loyalty of your clients and shall increase your profits. You should therefore check what is expected from your company and look for ways to provide just that.

The times when "a lady manager" fruitlessly tried to find the answer to why her apartment was not heated in the winter are today found only in old comedy movies. In the present times the companies have to fight for their clients - and not the other way around. The knowledge of what a given client needs and what his expectations are is priceless.

What are the most important factors for clients who take advantage of field service? According to research realized by the Aberdeen Group, the key factors indicated by the clients are:

  • proper realization of service,
  • waiting time until a service visit is set
  • waiting time until the service technician arrives.

Most complaints and dissatisfaction stems from failure to meet the above expectations.

Causes of client dissatisfaction

Service technician failed to solve the problem
Long waiting time until a service visit is set
Service technician failed to arrive on time

As we can see, the success of the company depends not only on the proper realization of service activities but also the way in which they are realized.

How should a field service operate in order to ensure proper realization of repairs and overall client satisfaction? The key elements of professional field service are:

1. Short waiting time for a visit of a service technician.

The key to success is dynamic planning of the team's workload. Flexible schedule created by a coordinator on basis of centralized and current data allows for efficient processing of incoming orders and their quick division between the service technicians. The client should be immediately informed that his request was accepted and is being processed.

2. Professional preparation of service activities.

For the service technician to be able to properly realize a given order it is necessary to, as early as the first notification, perform a complex assessment of the technical problem and its solution.

3. Professional preparation of the field service technician/

The employee who performs service activities at the client's premises should be characterized not only by professional knowledge and skills but also by access to current and complete data. Of crucial importance is access to data on previous service work realized and cooperation with the client. This ensures continuity of service work and full control over the process.

The service technician must also be able to make decisions independently to allow for optimization of the service realization process.

4. Formalities condensed to the necessary minimum.

This problem may be resolved by implementation of automatic elements of service work, such as reporting, calculation of working time, settling of costs or administrative works. The shorter the waiting time until the service is finished and settled, the higher the client's satisfaction with the service.

5. 5. Continuous improvement of service quality.

The company has to know if it meets the expectations and needs of its clients. Therefore in order to ensure effective field service it is necessary to utilize tools that allow for measurement and improvement of the key elements of service works.

More information on how to effectively and efficiently manage a field service will be available shortly in future Luceos Intelligence's newsletters.

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