A dispersed field service team increases sales of a company by ensuring quick reaction time, professional provision of services, forecasting client's need, access to full information, effective realization of orders and ensuring high quality of service.

Can the sales be increased by the field service?

The clients are characterized by ever higher expectations in relation to services they receive. This poses a significant challenge for service companies but at the same time provides new opportunities for additional profit. The client is willing to pay more for services that meet all of its expectations. Better service is better profit - this is the simplest way to explain how mobile service impacts the level of sales.

An employee who provides service at the client's premises is the most visible and the most effective advertisement for the company providing the said services. A satisfied client starts to trust the company which is an invaluable asset. On basis of trust a long-term cooperation can be established which provides benefits for both parties. An additional benefit is that satisfied clients are more willing to recommend the company. Every order realized in a professional way generates not only the tangible financial gains but also the intangible capability to produce more such gains in the future.

The global trend is for companies to invest in specialized software for management of service departments. The approach that is becoming more common is utilizing mobile solutions that provide the widest range of possibilities when it comes to efficient management of employees tasked with field service works. Among these possibilities to increase the client's trust and satisfaction, the following are most effective:

  • Fast reaction and flexible service activities - ability to register a service request immediately, to quickly divide work between field technicians and allowing the technicians to edit the orders by themselves whenn needed provide the valuable ability to adapt to the changing work situation momentarily and enable the service to fully meet the client's needs.
  • Full professionalism - thanks to access to service documentation of a given device - especially the service history - the field technician becomes a trusted specialist to the client.
  • Anticipation of client's needs - centralized database available to authorized field technicians allows for forecasting the future needs of a given client and enable to assess their probable labour intensity. All activities performed for the client may also be supported by Internal Report package and the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Full access to information - as all the data collected during service activities (e.g. time and type of works performed, parts utilized, services rendered, recommended further actions) is available to the Client, the Client becomes a full-fledged partner and participant in the service process. Access to the Final Report immediately after completion of works confirms the high level of service provided.
  • Quick realization of order and ensuring of high quality the notification system makes the Client aware of the activities undertaken and orders planned. This way the Client feels in control over the service process and related payments. Transparency increases Client's trust and strengthens the company's image as a provider of professional and well organized services.

Innovative field service management solutions, based on cutting-edge practices and IT tools, enable creation of long-term relations with clients which are not only based on trust and loyalty but also translate into measurable benefits for both parties of the transaction.

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