Luceos Smart measures the Key Performance Indicators, i.e. work efficiency, motivates the employees and helps to create the proper organizational culture in the company.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Luceos Smart support the realization of your company's goals

Do you want to check if your company reaches its goals and objectives? Do you want to measure the efficiency of your work? Motivate your employees? Use the Key Performance Indicators, available in Luceos Smart!

KPIs, which means Key Performance Indicators are indicators used to establish to what degree does your company realize its operating and strategic goals. This is the simplest way to describe their usage but this is not their only function. If you define your KPIs properly - so that they are specific, measurable, ambitious, real and timely - they may:

  • increase the efficiency of work,
  • increase employee motivation,
  • support creation of required organizational culture in the

The companies commonly collect data needed to generate KPIs but have no tools to allow for proper analysis and subsequent drawing of correct conclusions. This is due to the fact that the KPI monitoring tools can be very expensive.

We have good news for your company. When you choose the field service management solution of Luceos Smart, you get KPIs in the basic package! The set of proper indicators is accessible in the Control Panel.

KPIs allow your company to flexibly react and to improve your service department. They will allow you to measure efficiency of work and to check if the company meets the planned results. Additionally, KPIs are available for all individual users and presented against the performance of the entire team which impacts the employees motivation and increases their output.

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