Our system enables notification and registration of absences in real-time. The absences are presented in the order calendar, which significantly facilitates planning of works in the order realization schedule.

New Solution - absence management in Luceos Smart!

Management of field service work requires efficient planning and work coordination. Geographical dispersion of the team sometimes results in the situation where the information on employee absences are not always taken under consideration when the work schedule is created. Absence management module in Luceos Smart solves this problem.

Companies that provide field service work know how important it is to realize orders in an efficient and timely manner. Work schedules must be created in such a way as to ensure that help is provided in an expedited manner. Due to this, work orders should be sent to technicians who will be able to realize them in the shortest possible time. In such a case, employee absences may result in problems in coordinating the work of the service team, especially if the absences are not scheduled but result from illnesses or other unforeseen events.

The Field Employee Management System in Luceos Smart solves this problem - using the Absence Management Module. How does the module work and how it facilitates the coordination of the service team?

  • The module is present in both the web portal and the mobile app. The field employee notifies about his or hers absence using the app and the coordinator is immediately informed about that fact. The coordinator approves or rejects the absence request of an employee.
  • The Absence Management Module is integrated with the order calendar which allows the coordinator to easily see which service technicians are available and which are absent. This simplifies work planning and increases the effectiveness of the service team.
  • As the mobile app is synchronized with the portal, the coordinator is able to react quickly to any and all changes related to employee availability. Finding a service technician to take over an order in place of his sick colleague takes just a few minutes instead of an hour spent on a telephone.
  • The Absence Module also simplifies the acceptance process for vacation requests, which allows for minimization of unnecessary administrative work.

This is but a short presentation of functionalities offered by the Employee Absence Management Module. Learn more by contacting us.

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