Business case

High client expectations, aggressive competition and increasing labour costs force companies to rethink their way of managing employees tasked with field service activities.

Regardless of the industry, in which a given company operate, the focus of the management of a field service department is focused on the following areas:

  • control and minimization of costs
  • improvement of work efficiency,
  • increase of sales generated by the service team,
  • growth of client satisfaction, resulting in higher loyalty and larger revenue.
Control and decrease of costs, increased work efficiency, increased sales generated by the service team, increased client satisfaction and loyalty and the profits generated.

Implementation of a field employee management system Luceos Smart Service Management allows for achieving measurable gains in all of the above areas.

An example of implementation of the Luceos Smart Service Management system in the CNC industry (Computerized Numerical Control) that deals with such equipment as: contour band saws, lathes, milling machines, plotters and other devices utilizing laser, plasma or other technologies.

The implementation goals were defined as follows:

Implementation of the Luceos Smart Service Management system allowed the field service team to achieve the planned results in 6 months.

A 10% decrease in time spent by the team on non-paid tasks, increase by 8% of the number of realized service tasks, decrease in time needed to accept a request and needed to realize an order.

The description of the way in which the Luceos Smart system is launched and the related costs are given in details in the following document