Luceos Smart System supports companies which provide service activities in the field at Client's location. Allows to efficiently manage service orders providing field workers the information and data they need at the place they need.

Luceos Smart optimizes operations of the whole create-schedule-dispatch-execute and settle service cycle of service departments. Companies that could benefit from using Luceos Smart work in various industries such as:

  • metal, steel, wood,
  • machining, punching, cutting, milling, shearing, CNC,
  • automation for doors, gates, ATM machines, readers, automatic devices.
  • machine service industry, road machinery, forestry machinery, machine leasing,
  • cranes, lifts, weights,
  • air conditioning, windmill farms and other industries which require management of field-based employees.

  1. Time savings The program generates savings related to the standard management of service department. Manual tasks are automated, which results in time savings in areas of planning and settlement of field work. Preparing an order for an engineer takes half the time and the prepared orders are visible in Luceos Smart calendar and on the map. The calendar also provides information on availability of individual employees - including absences, vacation times and sick leaves.
  2. Saving of Money Data included in the Final Report / Protocol are automatically filled during realization of an order. The report is available as an Excel file. There is no need to copy data, print numerous counterparts or send them by post service. The report - bearing client's signature - may have a form of an email attachment that is sent to the client after the order is realized.
  3. Access to Reports and KPIs The System allows for creation of after service Report concerning, for example, the registered work times of field employees, parts used or other parameters by just a single click.
  4. Reminders The reminder system informs about the approaching periodic maintenance services, sale activities and other important dates.
  5. Increased number of orders and your Client's satisfaction Luceos Smart organizes the daily routine of your company and leaves space for activities that will develop your business such as Client relation and sales opportunties.

Yes. Luceos Smart saves all information entered by a field engineer. The data is also saved when the engineer has no access to internet (off-line mode). After the internet connection is re-established, Luceos Smart automatically synchronizes all the data with the www portal.

Yes. The aim of the Luceos Smart system is to achieve synergy between different systems of a given company. To achieve this goal we realize integrations with: CRM, ERP, warehouse, accounting and fleet systems.

You can start using Luceos Smart immediately after your company is registered in the system. To do so, select the "Register" option in the top-right corner of the page. In the following step you will have to enter the required data and await the conformation e-mail. After confirming the registration you will be able to log onto the system and select the packages and modules which you need your company to work on. The next step will be to select your role in the system and to provide roles for other users you invite. From now on our team is at your disposal.

Yes. Luceos Smart makes possible registering of service requests by an employee who receives a request via a phone call, fax or an email message. The Request Module also offers control over statuses of requests and reports.

Yes, however such a solution stems from a specific need of a client. In order to discuss such a possibility we suggest contacting our trade department.

Yes. The system provides a number of standard reports (work time, orders). After the system has all the required data a single click will be enough to generate an appropriate report. We will also gladly create dedicated reports.

Of course. Luceos Smart makes possible reviewing the whole work history related to a given device, client or location, or even the technician responsible for the repairs as well as parts.

Yes. Once all data necessary for realization of an order is made available by one of portal's users, they are available in real-time. The system also allows for viewing historic data related to a given equiment/machine. The system enables access to downloaded data in the off-line mode.

Yes. The system allows for accurate measurement of work time of field employees (including travel time). These values can be later presented in the Final report. The data can also be viewed by the employee himself. Work time is one of the Key Performance Indicators.

Yes. One of our most popular additional functionalities. The travel paths between individual locations can be optimized and thanks to integration with the fleet system, they can be even improved.

Yes. The system allows for registering of used parts and to indicate them in the Final Report. Integrated with company's warehouse qives a thorough information on the status of your field worker's mobile warehouse.

Yes. An employee who realizes a field service activity may attach, in an ongoing manner, comments, files and photos of the serviced device/machine before, during and after the order is realized.

Yes. An integral part of Luceos Smart is a map and and an interactive calendar that supports the management of field employees. Both components work in unison and synchronize changes introduced in both of them.

The location of the planned orders are shown on the map. The system warns if the distance between individual locations are too small in relation to the planned travel time and alerts the user.