Luceos Smart software uses innovative IT technologies to manage field service department, which makes its implementation immediate while making its costs minimal.

The WWW portal is cloud-based which guarantees full safety and data confidentiality without compromising the availability of the service. The mobile application for Android devices is optimized for both the cheapest smarphones and professional rugged tablets.

Luceos Smart is a technology created and developed by Luceos Intelligence since 2009. The data attached to an order that is created in the portal and the data collected by a field employee are available in real-time for both parties. This means immediate and full access to current information and data sent from the road. And all of that is managed in a safe and reliable way - also in the offline mode.

Registera service request.

Register your request via telephone or through an email. The request is saved in the system with all its documentation attached.

The service requests are registered and can later serve as basis for service orders or for realization of service activities via telephone and close it in this way.
Quick and easy creation and scheduling of a service order with full documentation.

Createan order.

Attach the necessary documentation: equipment's data, location, parts checklist, notes, comments, warnings.

Send the order to a field service technician.

The system send a notification via email or text message to both the client and the appropriate field technician. The technician may commence working on the order.

It takes just one click to provide the field technician with an order that contains the necessary documentation, parts catalogue and the Final Report.
The Order Calendar at the technician's device allows the field employee to confirm commencement of work and to collect data which are immediately visible on the portal.

The technician confirms commencement of work.

When the order status changes it means that the technician started working on it. All the data collected by the technician are stored on the portal in real time. The status of the order, total work time, parts used, meters, reasons for failure, documentation and Final Report with Client's signature are already on the Portal.

Settle the order and generate Reports.

Immediately after closing of a given order the system sends to the Client the Final Report and informs the Client that the order is closed. The Report also appears on the Portal and allows for settling the order directly after its closure. You can also calculate the works performed, the productivity and profitability of the service provided.

ROI increase guaranteed.